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Originally from Barcelona, Spain Lili Baross grew up in a multicultural household with a British mother and a Hungarian father. Baross was exposed to a variety of cultures and languages. This early exposure led to her fluency in four languages at a young age including English, Spanish, Catalan, and Hungarian.

Baross developed a love for acting early on and was signed by a talent agency at a young age. Her talent soon caught the eye of casting directors and she landed roles in various Spanish national commercials as both a model and actor.

Looking to further her acting career, Baross made the bold move to Los Angeles, CA. Baross is now represented commercially, theatrically, and in stunts showcasing her versatility as a performer.

But Baross is not content to rest on her laurels, she is always striving to improve her craft, and is continuing to work on her actor training and expanding her skillset.

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