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Travel Guide: Joshua Tree

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Living in Los Angeles, sometimes you just need to get away. Joshua Tree is the perfect place to head to when you just want to disconnect, let your worries drift away and explore nature.

Traveling during COVID looks very different, many might not feel comfortable getting on a flight but that doesn’t mean your can’t explore your own state! So we decided to pack our bags, rent an AirBnB and head to the desert with absolutely NOTHING planned.

Where To Stay

Joshua Tree is only about a 2hrs drive from Los Angeles. We stayed in the Twenty Nine Palms area in the cutest AirBnB surrounded by the peaceful vibes of the desert.

One of my favorite things about this place was how secluded it was! Having coffee in the morning outdoors while feeling the warmth of the sun was the perfect way to ease into our day. We went in November and it was a little chilly.

At night, it was incredibly quiet, you couldn't even hear the wildlife. When looking for airbnb's we really wanted to find somewhere secluded so we could be far away from the light pollution and star gaze. We got some incredible shots!

What To Do


A trip to Joshua Tree isn’t complete with a stop in Pioneertown. Pioneertown is a 15-minute drive from downtown Joshua Tree built in 1946. It was originally designed as a set for movies and Western TV shows.

In Joshua Tree

There are so many things to do in Joshua Tree, some of our favorites are:

Skull Rock

This giant rock is shaped like a skull nestled in between giant boulders. This was probably my favorite thing to do, we loved hiking the boulders which are surprisingly grippy, bring active shoes.

Keys Viewpoint

If you're looking for breathtaking views come to Keys Viewpoint, and try to catch the sunset here.

Cholla Cactus Garden

As you drive through Joshua Tree you stumble across this beautiful cactus garden. The Cholla cactus (pictured below) reproduces by dropping it's joints close to the roots where the moisture is available. How cool is that?

Where To Eat

Kitchen In The Desert

Ok you guys, this is NOT A DRILL.

THE best friend chicken sandwich I've ever had was at Kitchen in the Desert. Located at the Ramsey 29 Palms, they have a really cool boho vibe with yummy cocktails. Seriously, this place was such a pleasant surprise!

Bonus: They have vegan options and are COVID compliant. If it's to cold, don't worry they have outdoor heaters.

Double Bonus: I had no idea when visiting this place, but the hotel is owned my Armie Hammer and his friend, you can read about the renovation in this GQ article

Pappy & Harriets (Pioneertown)

So apparently this place is a blast and I am so sad we didn't get a chance to experience it in full effect. I'll have to come back! Unfortunately, the day we went was during COVID times and absolutely freezing. Meaning, no outdoor seating because it was too cold, and no indoor seating because of COVID. Bummer.

They are known for their live music, yummy cocktails and delicious BBQ (that it was!). We ended up getting BBQ to-go, but they opened at 5pm and like clock work a line was forming out the building, so get here early!

Wether you want to escape and do nothing, camp on site or have the best chicken sandwich EVER Joshua Tree and Twenty Nine Palms won't let you down. I can't wait to hear about your experience one you get here!

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Stay curious.

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