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Travel Guide: Andorra - Paradise For Skiers, Hikers and Duty-Free Shopping!

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Tucked away in between the Pyrenees is the picturesque country of Andorra. Andorra is known for its snowy mountains, very popular amongst skiers, hiking trails and duty-free shopping.

As a kid living in Barcelona we often took trips to Andorra to get away from the busy city and of course see snow! Definitely worth a visit if you’re an avid skier, shopper or want a change of scenery. The currency in Andorra are euros and the main language is Catalan however most people will speak Spanish and sometimes French.

Getting To Andorra

If you're a confident driver I recommend you drive there from Barcelona. It's a 2hr 45min car ride vs the train/bus that is about 5hrs. If you're going during the winter months make sure your car has snow tires and snow chains.

Where To Stay

Andorra La Vella

Andorra La Vella is the capital of Andorra and is where most of the main attractions are located. Central to almost everything, this is a great part of town to stay in if you want to travel throughout the country.

Eurostar Andorra

Andorra Park Hotel


Ordino is a beautiful little town in Andorra, with charming streets and people that make your feel like Belle in Beauty and The Beast.

Abba Xalet Suites Hotel

Where To Eat

Casual Eats

Don Piacere Bar/ Restaurante


  • Moli dels Fanals Old mill house that was converted into a restaurant, amazing food and great views! (Pictured here)

  • Restaurant Borda del Trema

  • Borda L'Era del Rossell


Atelier By Aitor Estela - Super fun cocktails!

What To Do

  • Caldea - You have to go! It's the largest spa in southern Europe and the perfect treatment after a day of skiing! (The building looks like a shard of glass!)

  • Skiing in the Pyrenees

  • Hike the Canal Trail (short hike, with beautiful views)

  • Casa de la Vall (Andorra's old parliament)

  • Shop at Pyrenees Andorra

  • Ordino - Mirador del Roc del Quer Ordino is a quaint little town in Andorra, I suggest that you hike to the Mirador for breathtaking views! (pictured below)

Andorra is a beautiful place to visit whether you are a devoted skier and love the winter, or want to immerse yourself in nature during the summertime.

I highly suggest if you're driving to France from Spain or vice versa you make a stop in this beautiful charming country.

-Lili xo

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