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Thinking about visiting the channel islands? Read this first!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The Channel Islands are an eight-island archipelago located within Southern California. The most popular being Santa Catalina, aka Catalina Island.

Anacapa, San Miguel, Santa Cruz,Santa Rosa, San Clemente, San Nicolas, Santa Barbara and Santa Catalina are the 8 islands that make up the Channel Islands off the coast of California.

We have been to Santa Catalina island, which is the most populated island of all but only by 4,096 people! There are fun water activities like parasailing, scuba diving and also several restaurants, hiking trails and hotels.

Most recently, we decided to explore the island of Santa Cruz, with the total population of 2 ! 😱

Moving from Barcelona to Orlando I've always been a warm weather kind of gal, so if you don't do well in temps below 70 degrees I would strongly suggest going during the warmer months (high season).

Being that my birthday falls in October, we decided to make a trip out of it anyway!

How to get there?

We took the ferry from Ventura Harbor. You can purchase tickets through a tour (we did the kayaking tour with Santa Barbara Adventure Company) or directly with the ferry company, Island Packers.

Not sure if it was due to the season, but when visiting Santa Cruz island by ferry, if you suffer from motion sickness I strongly suggest you bring some dramamine or ginger pills! We prefer ginger pills because its natural, non drowsy and very effective. Danny (my husband) and I don't get sea sick easily, however, we were SO thankful we brought these with us. Better safe than sorry since the ride is about 1.5hrs!

The ferry is a double decker, so if you're wanting a great view definitely grab a seat on the top level. Disclaimer: The top level is where you reaaaaally feel the motion of the ocean. The least rocky seats are on the bottom level in the back of the boat.

The ferry Captain was great! He kept an eye out for wildlife and slowed down when we got close to some

blue whales or seals! The ferry also has a little bar with snacks, drinks, etc...

What to Bring

Food & Water

There are no restaurants on Santa Cruz Island so if you're going to be spending the day there make sure to pack a lunch, drinks, snacks and water!

The island has only potable water and 2 restrooms.

As I mentioned earlier there is literally nothing on the island, so if you need medications make sure to bring them also!

Dress For The Weather

We went the first weekend of October to go kayaking. It was very cold and wet so bring a change of dry clothes! If you have waterproof clothing and are going kayaking, bring it because you will get wet.

If you're going hiking bring hiking boots, layers etc...

Santa Cruz has the famous pelican hiking trail, if you get a chance to hike it do it! We didn't get the chance because we did the kayaking tour which was so much fun and challenging. Depending on the season, if you're not a fan of sitting in cold water for 3 hrs with no breaks, skip the kayak tour lol.

The kayak's tour website mentions it being moderately easy, however, I found it to be quite difficult since there are no breaks. Our tour guide Hector said the wind was mild, I can't imagine if the wind was stronger. 💀(Hector was great guide!)

All in all it was amazing to get away from the hustle and bustle of LA for a day (or lack thereof, thanks COVID...). Rain or shine, one thing you shouldn't forget to bring is your best friend to share it all with. 🤍

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Stay curious.

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